Preventing Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes:
Challenges in Today's World

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy hosted the conference — "Preventing Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes: Challenges in Today's World" — on December 4–5, 2014, in Nuremberg, Germany.

The conference was held in Courtroom 600 at the Palace of Justice, the location of the historic Nuremberg Trials. Speakers included international prosecutors, investigators, academics, journalists, and representatives of civil society. Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, was the keynote speaker.

The conference sessions were organized in panel- discussion format to encourage open debate. Key topics included the effectiveness of accountability systems, challenges in implementing the genocide convention, ways to protect the civilian population from atrocity crimes, ways to prevent and respond to incitements to violence, and the quest to prevent impunity and promote accountability in Syria.

The days directly before and after the conference were devoted to an international media workshop with 15 senior journalists from European, Asian, African, and Arab countries. The workshop was organized by the Wayamo Communication Foundation.